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Welcome to City of Birmingham Transit Program, “Connecting the world with our Magic City

The City of Birmingham is undertaking a series of public transit initiatives aimed at enhancing quality-of-life, drive economic activity, and increase mobility for citizens within the region and visitors to our great city. As such, the Birmingham Transit Program comprises various projects that will enhance public transportation over the next decade, creating a high-capacity “world-class” transit system that will provide our communities with access to educational and employment opportunities, and vital services.


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Specific projects within the Birmingham Transit Program are designed to meet one or more objectives, including a new rapid transit service, enhanced bus service to speed the movement of existing bus service, and expanding service or access throughout the region. Please select from the following projects currently underway for more information:

BRT Project

A new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, funded by the City of Birmingham and a Federal USDOT Grant, to connect communities to opportunities and enable Birmingham’s residents to reach employment, educational opportunities, healthcare, and community services.


Design Concepts of the Bus Rapid Transit Bus Stops


TOD Project

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is the creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around high quality train or bus rapid transit stations.

TDP Project

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) Transit Blueprint or strategic guide for continued development of Birmingham’s urbanized area public transportation system. The Transit Development Plan has been completed and the technical documents can be found on the Project Updates page.

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